Readers' Reviews

“Bob Gordon and Jan Rosen know that it’s what you keep rather than how much you earn that really counts.  This book provides an easy to read and remember menu of tax minimizing techniques and strategies.  Every taxpayer should have a copy as a guide in the never-ending joust with the revenue codes.” 

Robert H. Stovall, CFA
Senior Vice President and Market Strategies
Prudential Financial

“A book every investor should have on his desk – a very valuable guide to minimizing tax on all kinds of investments, from retirement plans to colleges savings to swap contracts.”

Martin Edelston
Publisher, Bottom Line/Personal

“A highly informative and original work written by the leading authority on the subject.  Destined to be a classic.”

Thomas J. Herzfeld
President, Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors

“Understanding the growing range of tax-efficient investing alternatives is no longer an option – it’s a critical element of sound financial planning.  This book is an essential tool for grasping and maximizing today’s rapidly expanding menu of innovative investment choices.”

Peter Quick
President, American Stock Exchange

“If you hate taxes, you’ll love this book!  Authors Robert Gordon and Jan Rosen reveal a catalogue of tax-cutting strategies for taxpayers and investors.”

Ed Slott, CPA
Editor, Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor

“An outstanding book for investors and their advisors on the art of tax-wise investing.” 

Sidney Kess
CPA, Attorney, Noted Lecturer and Author

Wall Street Secrets for Tax-Efficient Investing” combines Bob Gordon’s deep experience with the ways of Wall Street and his practical knowledge of the intricacies of the tax code.  This is a must-read for investors looking for an easy to understand book on the taxation of investing.”

Richard J. Shapiro
Tax Partner, Ernst and Young LLP


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