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Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

 By Kirsten A. Cook, William Meyer, and William Reichenstein, CFA


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The Forecaster program creates cash flow projections for your retirement years.  Forecaster takes your assumptions about earnings, inflation and taxes, along with your present financial situation, and calculates year-by-year changes to your net worth and living expenses.


Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

 By Kirsten Cook, William Meyer, and William Reichenstein.

Suppose an individual investor has funds in at least two of the following accounts: a taxable account, a tax-deferred account (TDA) like a traditional IRA, and a tax-exempt account (TEA) like a Roth IRA. How should he withdraw funds from these accounts in retirement to maximize the longevity of his financial portfolio?

The Composition and Drawdown of the Wealth in Retirement

 By James poterba, Steven Venti, and David Wise.

As the "baby boomers" approach and enter their retirement years, the accumulation phase of their life-cycle is nearly over.

Adding Longevity through Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

 By William Meyer and William Reichenstein.

Reichenstein [2008] and Reichenstein, Horan, and Jennings [2012] discuss several ways a private wealth manager can add value to a client's account by using the tax code. This study elaborates on one of those ways.